Commonly Used Settings for Any Camera
3 tools that will let you adjust the settings of any camera for shooting
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For any camera
Whatever is the camera you are filming with, our tool will help you master its settings and make the best use of your gear when shooting.
15 minutes
In 15 minutes of the tutorial, you'll learn all about the basic settings of any camera. Not to give you a chance to forget the most important things, we introduced the main information in a cue card.
10 popular cameras
For the 10 most popular cameras among videographers, we prepared a guide with even more detailed settings.
Why do you need these 3 tools?
How does it work?
Learn everything about basic and the most important settings in our tutorial
Find your camera and adjust it according to the clues in our guide
Print the cue card and take it with you whenever you are to shoot
What's included?
A tutorial covering universally used basic settings of any camera
Briefly and clearly, Sabatovsky will explain the basic indicators that are used to adjust the settings of any camera. Following the rules given by Sabatovsky in the tutorial, you will be able to achieve a cinematic picture with any camera in hand.
A cue card for any camera settings
We introduced the most important information in a handy cue card that you can print and take with you when shooting.
A guide with settings for the 10 most popular cameras
We chose the 10 most popular cameras that are used to capture videos and drew a detailed settings description for each of them. Sony Alpha 7III, Panasonic GH5, Sony A6500 and A6300, Fujifilm X-T3, BMPC4K and even the IPhone camera — the settings for these and other cameras are waiting for you in our guide.
Who is it for?
For beginners in video making
If you have started filming videos recently or are just planning to enter the field, and have no idea what camera to use as your first gear — our tool will help you out.
For bloggers and filmmakers
If you aim at a more specialized industry like blogging, advertisement, fiction films or any other, you will find a solution on our camera map.
For experienced cameramen
You aren't a newbie and you need a more professional camera? We can help you as well.
Download the 3 tools and adjust your camera
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